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Before you start with your questions:

Frequently asked questions

If you didn't find what you were looking for on our homepage or some questions remained unanswered, then please use this question form!

You will save yourself and us some time and effort if you take a quick look first and see if your question may be listed here in the FAQs. Thanks!

You can find our entire offers described here on the homepage and the prices for it can be found in our current price list HERE.
...and since all our guests pay the same according to the price list , we don't make any "offers". Therefore we ask you in advance to read the price list instead...

Unfortunately, we can only calculate your total price after check-in, when you have shown your documents,  when your registration details have been checked and when they are correct in the computer.
Until then, we can only refer you to our current price list!
Our price list is designed to be very simple and transparent, so that everyone should be able to calculate their final price using just the basic calculation methods!
You can find the current price list HERE!

Please note that according to point 4 of the booking conditions, we will not confirm any binding pitch numbers anyway, because for booking reasons the exact pitch number can change again and again!
So please use the booking form straight away - we will refer you back to it anyway. There you can specify the category, the area, as well as various very specific personal requests, which we will do our best to fulfill.
The booking form can be processed directly by our system - this question form cannot!

You can find the booking form HERE!

If there are already periods when certain pitch categories or rental properties are no longer available, then this is mentioned right at the beginning of our booking form!
So please use the booking form straight away - we will refer you back to it anyway.
The booking form can be processed directly by our system - this question form cannot!
You will find the booking form HERE!

Well, we know very well that our yellow pitches are up to 65m2, our blue pitches are between 65 and 85m2 and our red pitches are over 85m2.
But of course, we don't know how long and wide your caravan is, how big the car is, how deep your awning is, whether there is an awning in front of the awning, whether your seating area should be under this awning or in the sun etc. etc.
We therefore ask for your understanding that we cannot relieve you of your own responsibility for this knowledge and ask you to assess your space requirements yourself and choose a space size that is appropriate...


Our power connections are fused with 16 amps per pitch. This corresponds to approximately 3680 watts. If you turn your devices over, you will find a plaque somewhere with the wattage of the device written on it. This way you can easily calculate whether it will work.
Please remember: Electricity will be billed according to consumption (fairly at our own cost) when you check out. To avoid unpleasant surprises when billing, please consider which possible “power guzzlers” you really need.

If you click HERE you will go to our booking form. And because we are of course not selling you a pig in a poke, you will find all the information about booking and cancellation in short form right at the top, as well as of course the link to the complete booking conditions...

You can book at any time and theoretically years in advance. Please note, however, that over the summer the bookings for next year will only be collected and filed due to the workload. At the end of the season in autumn, they will be processed and booked one after the other - the rental contracts will then be sent out in November.

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• We do NOT make any "offers" or "price calculations", because we have a fixed and very clearly laid out price list! We assume that you did read it BEFORE starting any requests. Otherwise you can find our price list HERE!
• The vacancy of all pitch categories, of our rental bathrooms and CampItEasy Mobil homes can be found on our booking form - so there should be no need to ask them here!
Booking requests can not be processed by using this question form! Please use our booking form instead!

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